19th Alanya International Tourism & Art Festival

15th-16th-17th of June 2019

The 19th Alanya International Tourism and Art Festival, which will be organized for the 19th time by Alanya Municipality, begins on June 15th 2019. The ”Ottoman“ themed festival will be full of entertainment and art between the dates of 15th to 17th of June.

Every 3 nights of the event, very popular Turkish singers, dj and famous faces will be perfoming at stage such as Bülent Erson, Ajda Pekkan, Pascal Nouma, Dj Haluk Sarıtaş.

Delegation of 73 people from 7 cities of 5 countries including Russia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany will participate to the programmes.

Radio D, Dream Turk, Dream Tv and Slow Turk are the media sponsors of the event.

Source: Alanya Municipality